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July 2 2011 7 02 /07 /July /2011 13:08

I have compiled a list of sources for the elements that are available to the amateur chemist. Titanium will be discussed here.


Titanium is a light silvery metal. It is very strong and quite expensive. It is reactive but protected by a durable transparent oxide film. When titanium electrolytically oxidized, the oxide film becomes thicker and starts diffracting light, producing colored titanium. Titanium forms sparks when ground and burns in both air and nitrogen when heated. Its nitride is unusually stable. Titanium tetrachloride is a fuming liquid that is used to make smoke.


In element form: Some hardware like bolts and washers are made of pure titanium. Expensive scissors are either titanium plated or made with a titanium alloy.


In compound form: Titanium dioxide is a common white pigment. Piezocrystals can contain lead titanate (if yellow) or lead titanate zirconate (if gray).


Here is my sample of titanium. It is a piece of foil from GalliumSource.




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