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Warning: This is a rather advanced experiment that requires the use of toxic gases and highly reactive and corrosive liquids. This procedure must be done in a fume hood or outside. Research thoroughly before completing. This experiment has not been verified by the author.


You will need:


Sodium hypochlorite (bleach)

Hydrochloric acid

Concentrated 98% sulfuric acid


Glass tubing


Erlenmeyer flasks
Sodium hydroxide

Source of heat

Dry ice


First, construct your apparatus. Flask 1 will have a tube running from it into Flask 2. Flask 2 will have a tube running from it to Flask 3. Flask 3 will have a tube running from it to Tub 1. Tubes are made of glass, but the connecting tubes can be made of rubber.


Add sodium hypochlorite to Flask 1. Add sulfuric acid to Flask 2 so that one tube is under the acid while the other is above. Add sulfur into Flask 3 with a small amount of dry ice. Add sodium hydroxide solution to Tub 1 and place the tube under the solution. Then, begin gently heating Flask 3. Because of the carbon dioxide, the sulfur should not ignite. It should instead melt into a light yellow thin liquid. Make sure one of the glass tubes is in the liquid sulfur. Keep the sulfur temperature low enough so that the glass tube does not get stuck in highly viscous hot molten sulfur. Then, add a small amount of hydrochloric acid to the bleach solution in Flask 1. You should get some bubbling in Flask 2, where the sulfuric acid dries the chlorine gas. The chlorine gas should then bubble into the sulfur, producing a chemical reaction to form disulfur dichloride if there is a little chlorine and sulfur dichloride if there is much chlorine. Continue adding hydrochloric acid and bleach, if necessary, to Flask 1 until the molten sulfur has become transparent but not clear. Then, wait for the sulfur chloride to cool. You should have formed a mixture of sulfur dichloride and disulfur dichloride.


Experiment 1

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