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June 29 2011 4 29 /06 /June /2011 14:27

Warning: Sulfur compounds can be irritating. Do not inhale them. It is best to do this reaction in a well-ventilated place. Heat is released during this reaction. Keep flammables away.


You will need:


Sulfur (flowers of sulfur)


Aluminium foil
Glass jar


Ammonia solution


I know that sulfites can be obtained easily, but they can also be made from sulfur, which can also be obtained easily. First, shape the aluminium foil into a shallow pan. Fill it with sulfur powder. Holding it with pliers, heat it in a flame. It will melt, then ignite. As soon as you see flames, place it in the glass jar and secure the lid. It will burn until the oxygen is depleted and then go out, leaving yellow-white sulfur fumes floating around. Open the jar and carefully pull out the foil pan. Add some ammonia. Close the jar and slosh around. Pour the ammonia solution into another container. Reignite the sulfur and repeat the process until all of the sulfur has burned. You will be left with a more or less basic ammonium sulfite solution. Evaporate it. Excess ammonia will leave, and crystals of ammonium sulfite will form. If you use sodium hydroxide instead of ammonia, you will need to measure it or you will get sodium hydroxide mixed with your sodium sulfite. To test ammonium sulfate, place it in a basic solution. Ammonia gas should be given off. Place it in an acidic solution. Sulfur dioxide gas should be given off. If you did not use enough ammonia, you may form ammonium bisulfite.

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Pio Sui Choy 04/29/2015 21:05

Hello Lanthanium,
Will you be able to tech me how to make Ammonium thosulfite