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February 23 2012 5 23 /02 /February /2012 17:17

To pound indium, do not use an ordinary hammer unless it is new. An old hammer typically contains a large amount of junk on the surface which will all be transferred to the indium. This same thing happens when "Scotch" tape is placed on cotton fabric. Instead, find two flat and clean metal pieces and place the indium between them before pounding.


To produce a piece of indium from indium shot or granules, place the granules in a plastic bag and squeeze with pliers. They will stick. Place between two flat and clean metal pieces and squeeze further to cement together. Refold the indium piece and squeeze again. Re-add any pieces of indium that did not stick.


Keep indium always in a clean location as it has a unique ability to pick up dirt.


Deep frying indium will most likely melt it.

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