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June 7 2011 3 07 /06 /June /2011 16:54

I have collected over 30 elements from household substances for less than 15 dollars. Many more elements are available as well, although I have not collected them personally. I have compiled a list of sources for all of the elements that can be obtained by the average person. Every day, I will post a different element. Today's element is hydrogen.


Hydrogen is a colorless odorless gas. It is nontoxic. It burns readily in air. It is the least dense substance. It is the most abundant element in the universe and is very common on the earth in the form of hydrogen compounds. Here are some of its sources:


In element form: The reaction of an active metal such as zinc with water creates hydrogen gas. Electrolysis of water with sodium bicarbonate electrolyte produces hydrogen gas at the cathode.


In compound form: Hydrocarbons, acids, bases, and water all contain hydrogen atoms.


This is my sample of hydrogen gas. It was generated by electrolysis of sodium bicarbonate solution with 12VDC. A carbon anode and carbon cathode were used. It is stored in a plastic test tube.





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John Doe 06/07/2011 18:02

Nice blog,  keep up the good work.