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June 16 2011 5 16 /06 /June /2011 13:08

I have compiled a list of sources for the elements that are available to the amateur chemist. Fluorine will be discussed here.


Fluorine is the most reactive element. It is an extremely powerful oxidizing agent. It is a yellow-brown toxic gas. Fluorides, its only set of chemical compounds, are much less reactive and are moderately toxic. Teflon contains fluoropolymers. Toothpastes and drinking water contain fluoride compounds.


In element form: No sources found.


In compound form: Calcium fluoride is found as fluorite, a common mineral. Most toothpastes contain fluorides. Whink rust remover is a dilute solution of hydrofluoric acid.


Here is my sample of fluorine. It is toothpaste containing about 0.3% sodium fluoride.



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Maverick 06/17/2011 18:52

well yea you shouldnt ampule HF as it etches glass

Maverick 06/16/2011 18:41

you can also get 3% hydrofluoric acid from whink rust remover which you can react with metal carbonates to make metal fluorides.

nice source i picked up from a member on sciencemadness

LanthanumK 06/16/2011 22:51

Its even not better to ampoule some hydrofluoric acid solution.