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March 17 2012 7 17 /03 /March /2012 15:21

I have compiled a list of sources for the elements that are available to the amateur chemist. Bromine will be discussed here.


Bromine is a dark red liquid, one of the two elements liquid at STP on the periodic table. Bromine is a highly reactive member of the halogen group. For example, aluminium reacts violently with bromine when placed in it. Bromine has a high vapor pressure and will quickly evaporate. Bromides are similar to chlorides, although more easily oxidized. Bromine dissolves in water to form a red solution. Bromine forms a series of oxyanions which are strong oxidizers and somewhat toxic. Bromates were used to treat flour before they were banned or discouraged in many places. Bromine is easily extracted from bromide by reaction with concentrated sulfuric acid.


In element form: Sodium bromide reacts with sulfuric acid to make bromine vapor and liquid. It needs to be distilled in all-glass apparatus. Bromine water, still corrosive but much safer, can be made in an impure form by reacting a mixture of sodium bromide, sodium hypochlorite, and hydrochloric acid.


In compound form: Sodium bromide is used as a bromide reserve in spas and pools and can be cheaply bought.


Here is my sample of bromine. It is a clear plastic vial of bromine water, which later gets cloudy and corroded.



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