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June 20 2011 2 20 /06 /June /2011 12:51

Warning: Copper(II) salts are toxic. Do not eat or drink.


You will need:


Copper sulfate

Sodium chloride

Aluminium foil


Copper forms a chloro complex with sodium chloride as well. This chloro complex, as we saw before, is reactive toward aluminium.


Dissolve the copper sulfate and sodium chloride in water. Add a piece of aluminium foil to each solution. On the copper sulfate side, you may see a slow reaction. Mix the solutions by pouring one into the other. This will form the green copper chloro complex instead of the hydrated copper complex. The aluminium will start bubbling and dissolving faster.


You can try making bromo complexes as well and testing their reactivity. Use sodium bromide instead of sodium chloride.

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