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February 28 2012 3 28 /02 /February /2012 00:48

I once dissolved sodium bromide in a concentrated HCl-acidified solution of copper(II) chloride. The solution turned brown as a copper(II) bromo complex was produced. When diluted with water, a dramatic color change occurred, ultimately forming blue copper(II) aqua ions (blue).


Copper bromo complex


Learn more here: http://woelen.homescience.net/science/chem/exps/copper_halogenide/index.html


Copper forms a variety of interesting complexes. Here is more information from woelen's website: http://woelen.homescience.net/science/chem/exps/cu-redox/index.html


Complexes of copper(I) often assume strange colors. I recognized the yellow color of the copper(I) oxide as the one produced when copper objects are electrolytically oxidized in aqueous sodium chloride solution.

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